Link Pattern and Penalties – that’s what I Avoid!

As Google is always on the urge of consumer satisfaction, they will definitely take immediate action by algorithmically changing the activities that would eliminate consumer engagement on their website. They penalize for artificial link building as they always insist to avoid artificial links that leave a pattern and easily traceable by Google. They always want users to repeatedly come to their website and not use any other search engines. If you are looking for a long term success you may want to read my Tips on avoiding link patterns;

Be Creative while using new Tactics:

Google being the smartest of all had come up with some interesting results that showed the popular link building process was guest posting or guest blogging, however the sources of link building all looked the same. This takes place when a business concentrated only on one way of building link and ognoring the other ones.

No doubt Guest blogging is one of the strong aspects of any SEO project, but it is not the only source of building link. According to Google guidelines”any links intended to manipulate PageRank can be considered part of a link scheme”.

Link Pattern and Penalties

You will have to diversify your search and thoughts in order to award yourself with a great portfolio link.

Usability of UI and UX:

Your site needs to look professional and hold a clear purpose apart from the conventional sales. Your link profile would hardly matter if the site looks professional. If you try your efforts on manual reviews and not meet the standards you may not be seen again – sounds scary right!

Using UI and UX helps in cementing your position in the Search engine world by permanently boosting your traffic source and create a sustainable platform. You may not want to lose your customer base by ignoring on usability testing, split testing, responsive design of the site that is user friendly. Loosing on this could be the worst nightmare.

If you take UI and UX seriously you are not far from generating natural links for your site and expect better success.

Provide links handy:

Linkable assets work well and attract a lot of traffic. Apart from creating a quality content you should also use other sources like info graphics, link to important video tutorials. Those links tend to have a diverse content catalogue and increase the number of people linking to your business. This clearly defines you have a great portfolio link.

Proactively Social:

You have all the facility of leveraging social network by staying active on social networking sites like Google+ and other’s like facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Actively use social media links in all your communications, be active in social groups on social networking sites and participate in the discussions. You can also share your content on those groups as there is more possibility of your content to be shared. Get engaged with other bloggers who actively repost contents and blogs, You may also want to use other tools to measure correlation between social media activity and links using tools like Cognitive SEO.

Other than the above ones I always make a point of

  • Sharing others content and make them aware of it.
  • Use content that is emotionally intense and users would want to read, like and share in their network.
  • Keep an eye on your social feeds and get ideas of using those instigating content to your network.
  • Do not forget Video marketing through Quora and YouTube, they are the best source that sends referral traffic more than other social media sites.

Do it the Anchor Text way:

A skilled Anchor Text is different compared to a natural one. You should divert a reader directly to your site instead of using heavy keywords

  • Do not miss on researching for relevant keyword.
  • Be creative in using variety of keywords by rephrasing them and then use them naturally.
  • Use Anchor Text that maximizes your click through ratio
  • Use relevant links to the keywords where users are likely to click them.
  • Avoid using similar anchor text.

Best way to use anchor text strategically is to use synonyms that partially matches the keywords, use URLs of bigger brands. Use anchor texts just for the sake of increasing click through ratio.

Hope this helps you all, feel free to drop in a line for any questions you may be have!

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